Prof. Nassauer's work featured on PBS SciTech Now 

See Professor Joan Nassauer highlighted by PBS for her work in Detroit on bioretention gardens to help mitigate the effects of flooding in the area.


Neighborhood, environment, and water research collaborations for green infrastructure - NEW-GI







NEIGHBORHOOD, ENVIRONMENT AND WATER research collaborations for Green Infrastructure (NEW-GI) links Detroit’s vacant property demolition process with new forms of green infrastructure (GI) designed for both ecological and social benefits. It uses a transdisciplinary design-in-science approach, bringing researchers and practitioners together to develop GI designed to manage stormwater and increase resident well-being where vacant property is changing neighborhoods. 

NEW-GI (Neighborhood, Environment, and Water research collaborations for Green Infrastructure) is a transdisciplinary research project that contributes to knowledge about green infrastructure in legacy cities by integrating research about water quality, community well-being, governance and ecological design. Involving community, government and academic collaborators, it produces evidence-based guidance for sustainably managing stormwater in ways that enhance
landscapes and the lives of residents in Detroit and other legacy cities.

Click here to download copies of NEW-GI products.